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CEO / Founder

Having been in the Oil and Gas industry for over 44 years, many as Measurement Lead, Gary has been involved in managing data from field data capture systems through to volumetric accounting systems. Part-time coder and full time optimization specialist, he provides valuable insight and knowledge in using operational datasets to a company's advantage in saving operating costs. Gary is the current Chair of the Canadian Institute of Hydrocarbon Measurement, Director of the Canadian School of Hydrocarbon Measurement, and Director of the Industry Measurement Group.



  • Implementation of PVR field data capture on 65 sites including a 900 well Water and Gas injection battery.

  • Implementation of measurement schematics for a mid-stream company, including multiple data connections to other systems

  • Implementation of software to capture meter proves, allowing reduction of meter proving using data analytics.

  • Integration of PI data to Measurement systems

  • Implementation of measurement software for mutilple gas plants and gathering systems.

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